Digital Technologies

In digital reproduction objects are created with a CAD program.

The digital measuring equipment lends itself well for large objects and in situations where it is difficult or impossible to reach the required precision with manual measuring. It is only the imagination that sets the limits to what can be measured!

Some examples of jobs we can handle with the help of our digital technologies:

- Digital measuring, documentation and reproduction of an existing boat hull (e.g.). Thanks to the application of digital technologies, the precision and compatibility of different components can be considerably enhanced.

- Digital reproduction of teak deck surfaces.

- Comparative control measurement of a CNC-machined item against its 3D rendering.

Our digital measuring equipment is based on 3D point measuring. The measurement points can be applied for measuring distances, redrawing lines, surfaces and entire objects. The equipment also allows control measurements for checking the accuracy of a physical object against a 3D model.

The digital equipment is portable and can thus be taken to where ever the object to be measured is situated. The equipment is wireless and it can measure points at up to 10 m distance from each other without moving the equipment itself. The deviation between measurements is <+- 1mm. By creating reference points the equipment can be moved to another position, allowing thus measurements of extraordinarily large objects, too.