Boat Design and Construction with Over 30 Years Experience

Korsö Båt Ltd. is a family business with a 30-year experience in boatbuilding. Established in 1978 by Hjörvald Sundkvist, the company has developed several boat models in cooperation with the leading motor boat constructors in Finland.

The company is situated in Öja, some 10 km from the city of Kokkola and has nowadays 4 employees. Hjörvald Sundkvist is renowned as the designer of several successful boat models, such as Korsö, Sunmar, Matador, Commodor and Skyline which were manufactured in considerable numbers in the 1980's and 90's. Some of them are still in production.

In 2007 the company leadership was taken over by Daniel Sundkvist.

Know-how and Craftsmanship

- We have a long experience on designing and constructing motor boats.

- As construction materials we use essentially wood, fiberglass and aluminium.

- Motorboats – either with displacement, semi-planing or planing hull type – belong to our specialties.

- We have a wide experience of building plugs for fiberglass molds with traditional handicraft methods. We also take advantage of 3D and CAD software in combination with CNC machining technology.

- Thanks to our design experience with various types of boats, we are able to offer a variety of different interior solutions with an overall perspective.

- Furthermore, we have designed and manufactured boat interiors from different wood materials for both motor boats and sail boats.